Death Warmed Up: The Fix

After shooting some concerts, I only end up getting two hours sleep before I have to be up again to face another day, convincing people that I’m as fresh as a daisy.
Two hours!..
While I may have been able to deal with times like these at the beginning of this millennium, now they’re a little harder to conceal, and usually mean a combination of tired skin, dark under eyes and a voice that sounds more like a zip than an actual zip.

The fix: All the things! And when I say all the things, I mean all these things…
Instead of heading straight to bed, I get straight to feeding my face.  Both that hole in my face, and its surroundings.  A banana, as much as I can’t stand them, seems to give me the vitamins I need to keep going for the next couple of hours, followed by as much water as I can take.  Even with that much water, nothing really stops the dehydrated throat, and crispy feeling eyes in the mornings, but it sure as hell can’t make it any worse, right?

My next weapon of choice is a hydrating anti-oxidant face mask, which contains a whole host of ingredients that are sure to make a difference to sad skin that looks less than darling. I’ve heard that some of these even work as great hangover masks, and while I don’t drink, I’m pretty sure that it looks like I do when I’ve had such a late night, so…Result! I like to leave this on while editing my photos, to give my skin the extra long treat that it really deserves, and I honestly think that it is responsible for my not so tired complexion the ‘next’ day.

Once photos are done, and more water has been consumed, I like to have a shower.  Studies show that peeps can’t get to sleep after spending time looking at a computer screen right before bed, so why not have a bit of down time in the shower before hitting the sack?!  This works wonders, and means that I don’t have to get up even earlier to shower in the ‘actual’ morning.  Try this technique and the others out for yourself next time you’re faced with a similar situation! Folks, we have a win win situation right here!
Aaand…You’re welcome!

In the morn when the alarm goes off, you’ll most likely feel like a bag of assholes, no matter how much prep you’ve put in before hand.  But I can assure you that by the time you’ve had your first coffee, things won’t be half as bed.  I mean bad.  Throw in a delicious juice from Tank (my choices are Tank Vital Greens, The Kale Ale and Lean + Green), and you’ll begin to feel a little more spritely.
While nothing really out-does a good sleep, this combination def. helps me get through the following day, and has even got me the odd compliment. Go me!  And go you!

Enjoy the show! x

Death Warmed Up, Melbourne | © Amanda Ratcliffe