Amanda Ratcliffe - AKA amandashootsbands is a New Zealand based photographer specialising in shooting all things music related. With nine years experience in the industry she has, and continues to work with a number of creatives - from the artists themselves, through to top NZ publications. Her work has featured in the likes of Rip it Up magazine, NZ Listener and Red Bulletin; and appears monthly on various websites around the world. shootsbands’ expertise and experience is wide ranging - from capturing intimate behind the scenes moments through to live concerts, and everything in between. Previous shoots have included The Rolling Stones, Jake Bugg, The Kooks, The Stone Roses, Gin Wigmore, Shihad and Liam Finn to name but a few. Amanda believes in working with others who are equally as passionate about creating classic and timeless images to outlast our ever-changing digital world.

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While specialising in the following areas, Amanda is happy to consider any project you may have.

Live and Events
Photography of local and international shows, through to festivals, larger scale concerts and awards ceremonies for artists, organisers or publications.
Capturing the more intimate moments in music including set-up, sound check, pre and post show, along with writing sessions and recording in studio.
Stock Photos
A selection of images are available for use online, print publication or for album and vinyl artwork. Get in touch via the contact page below.


Take a stroll around the gallery, featuring delicately curated collections of Amanda's favourite images.


Tour Diary

Slide into a pocket of thoughts, ideas and memories with amandashootsbands.

Round Up: 2016 Edition

A few favourite niblets from 2016. Roundup is something you spray on weeds. An uninteresting fact for an interesting year…And that’s all I need to say about that. So let’s go ahead and take a look at my top five favourite moments from the year that was! How I’m not still in radio, I have […]

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Shooting The Scrolls: X6

Six years ago, Rip it Up Magazine sent me on a very special assignment: To go behind the scenes at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards to capture the performing artists candidly at work.  At that time it was held at the Auckland Town Hall, which is just as stunning as the people it housed for […]

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Death Warmed Up: The Fix

After shooting some concerts, I only end up getting two hours sleep before I have to be up again to face another day, convincing people that I’m as fresh as a daisy. Two hours!.. While I may have been able to deal with times like these at the beginning of this millennium, now they’re a little harder […]

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