Collab Time: SongHubs AKL

This year’s SongHubs in Auckland was just the thing I needed to get the year off to a fabulous start.
An incredible bunch of musicians, songwriters, producers and organizers all under one roof – this is my kinda’ scene!

After shooting the event in 2016, I was ecstatic to be back for another concentrated dose of a love for music, collaboration and creation surrounded by some of our country’s finest.
And then some.

The week-long event was held at Roundhead Studios from the end of February, and included songwriting sessions with top international writers, seminars and mentoring, along with good vibes and a sweet birthday celebration.  Too cute!

Shooting the creative process behind the scenes is something dreams are made of – it is at least from where I’m standing, so naturally this affair has to be a stand out of the year for me.  And as The Carpenters would say, we’ve only just begun!

Local artists this year were Benny Tipene, Chelsea Jade, Dave Baxter, Diaz Grimm, Estere, Iva Lamkum, Mitch James, Nik Brinkman, Possum Plows, Raiza Biza and Teeks along with fellow Australian Ecca Vandal.

Joined by a team of beautiful international songwriters / producers Emily Warren, James Newman, Mike Elizondo and New Zealand’s golden boy P Money, the week was always going to be a huge success!  I’m so looking forward to hearing their collaborations on the radio!

Yes, I’m aware my words don’t really provide a full breakdown on what SongHubs is all about – it’s simply called ‘haven’t slept all week’, so for more information, head over to APRA’s site, which includes links to all the lovelies involved.

A selection of my images can be found on APRA’s official Facebook page.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four